There is a moment when a child who has gone through so much is reunited with her family for the first time. The joy of this experience transcends words.

In every case that we manage, it is this moment that constitutes the end objective. But not every family represents a safe environment to which our girls can return.


This requires our team to work tirelessly to investigate the initial causes of each case - safeguarding in this way against the tragedy repeating itself in the future.


Once her safety is assured and she is prepared to face the future without fear, our beautiful young soul is reintroduced to her family

If a suitable home cannot be located, we become her family. She grows up in the safety and community of one of our long-term shelter homes, receiving the care and attention that she deserves.


Once she is old enough and feels ready, we help her get settled into a new life outside of the shelter home. Though our war to eradicate sex trafficking continues, the battle for this girl - this one perfect and necessary human life - has been won.

We never give up on our girls. They will forever be our daughters.

Even after successful reintegration into society, we make sure to follow up with the girls on a regular basis. We check on their overall health, general wellbeing, and progress in life.


Additionally, we give them access to support groups and a network of other girls & mentors so they are set up for success and can stride through any challenges that may come their way.



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