Shakti is sold by her captors to a brothel, where she is repeatedly beaten, gang raped, and forcibly addicted to drugs.


Shakti is only ten years old, and now,

Shakti is a sex slave.



Shakti is a bright young girl that enjoys playing tag with her friends.


She is chasing a classmate down her street when a door slams shut. Tires screech as a car accelerates away from her home.


Shakti has been taken. Her mother and father stripped of their child.

Take Her Back confronts the incomprehensible horrors of stories like Shakti's every day.

We take direct action by conducting raid and rescue missions on brothels to free victims of sex trafficking.

Our work begins with covert surveillance of red light districts, leveraging our network of secret informants, and responding to Missing Persons Reports.


The minute a trafficked girl is identified, our entire team kicks into high gear:

organizing and immediately executing a raid-and-rescue mission designed to

breach the offending compound and physically emancipate every last victim there.

Past raids have successfully saved

the lives of more than 60 victims

at a time.

Take Her Back will stop at nothing to liberate children like Shakti - no matter the cost.

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